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After being drafted for World War Two Lester Brubaker sold his game business to a friend under the conditions he could repurchase it when he returned home from the war. in 1946 he did just that and began the business we operate today. in 1968 Nick Kring joined the company and was a partner in this business for 30 years. In 1980 Lesters son in law, Vernon Christian went to work for the company. In 1986 Lester passed away. And in 1998 Vernon purchased Nick's interest in the business. in 2000 Vernon's son Tom Christian Joined the company and later became a partner too. April 25th. 2012 Vernon passed away. October 8th. 2013 Nick passed away.

While many things have changed in this business over the last 70 years we are still a family owned and operated business, and the way we do business is still the same. Many of our customers become our friends. and servicing your business is our priority.


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